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Plotting Mondrian

Mondrian was one of the early modern painters who explored ambiguous pictorial space.  And in this computer meta-analysis of the “image features” of his paintings over time, we zoom out for another take on his body of work.  His point… Continue reading

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Ghost Cities

An estimated 64 million new residences are currently vacant, built to promote China’s GDP but not attracting enough affluent buyers.  Without jobs, there is little incentive to move to these cities, which at best have 20-25% occupancy–Ordos, Zengzhou, Baihai, Tianducheng,… Continue reading

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Painter-Painter “Reframing a Medium” Walker Art Center Painter Painter: Reframing a Medium By Julie Caniglia The Walker’s first survey of contemporary painting in 12 years, Painter Painter explores new directions in abstraction in the work of 15 emerging artists from the United States… Continue reading

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These are some photos I took on a trip to West Virginia. I liked the casual but not exactly random arrangement of the concrete forms. Someone has grouped them for maximum impact. In a world that seems ever more ephemeral… Continue reading

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Creepy Playgrounds

Creepy playgrounds found on the internet:

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